Monday, January 12, 2009


in A RECENT word Our Lord clearly said,"Now is the time, this is the day, when My People will ask Me to heal them & I will do it before they have finished asking." The Lord wants that the Body of Christ is healed...We need to get close to our Lord now as never before...pouring out our Love for Him........and then filling up with Him....I want to point out to you,*******The purpose of Pentecost, why did God send us the power of the Holy Spirit?Heb.6:4,5.....the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is the power of God & the gateway into the supernatural, and the anointing is the gateway into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, with us, who are in Christ,living in the Spirit & not in the flesh,****supernatural*** the supernatural becomes the natural for us, not to the unsaved.....the world cannot know the spiritual things of God. The World (sinners) only know about this supernatural power but do not have it.....The New Testament christianity is the supernatural power of God..............there should be miracles daily in our lives, didn't the Lord say, signs & wonders shall follow us? Not that we follow them, they will follow us...He said of the upper room, you shall receive power...we receive power from Holy Spirit: This is being clothed in the supernatural power of God..........the purpose of pentecost was so that we are clothed in His authority ; that is to speak in His name, and the revolution of prayer erupts from this.(they prayed & peter was released out of prison) Rom.8:26,27........we all have weakness in the flesh,God's power puts that under subjection.Now we become instruments of prayer.........Sol.2 we get so in the habit of prayer w/out ceasing, we even pray in our sleep and even wake up becomes a way of life to us, living in the supernatural of God!!!******Draw Close to Jesus**** as you draw close to Jesus , He will Bless you & continue to Bless you continually, as you walk with Him.(btw,God's Promises are for His Own Children who are abiding in Christ.....not for the world; I took time to try to explain to you, how to get close to the heart of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Prayer is a vital part of the Christian's life.........Another thing I will add, hold no unforgiveness for anyone:,forgive others freely of what they say & do against you, as freely as God forgives us, so we too must also forgive others their trespasses against us. .................If you have any unforgiveness in your heart against block God, so He cannot heal God is all forgiveness & we are told to forgive others of what they do to us, so that God can also forgive us of our sins..........Have a heart for the lost,sick & perishing souls.......learn to cry unto God for not be active in any sins, (1cor.6:9,10....not one sin enters into God's Kingdom)we have the Kingdom of God in us Luke17:21...form a real relationship with God,seek Him daily,always....pray in the Spirit ( your prayer language)only God understands it, no devil can understand what we pray in the spirit!!!Prayer is communion with God into His Holy other words, prayer is not to be taken lightly, not just words over our lips,that do not come from our hearts.....God only hears our hearts.....God knows the very thoughts & intents of our hearts........The purpose of this blog, is prayer.....having a relationship with God, repenting away from all sins to Christ Jesus Luke13:3 & confessing all sins(acknowledging them to God)and being forgiven & cleansed by the power of his Soul cleansing Blood from all unrighteousness 1John1:9,10,being sealed with His Spirit to the day of our redemption Eph.1:13,14Get right with God before it is too late.......pray & be healed instantly in Jesus' Mighty Name.The Lord will manifest Himself to us,His Children (elect) in our churches & homes as never before His Glory will shine, and be so ever present instant miracles,healings,deliverances, and these will become believers & follow Christ ,His Holy Presence is in us now as never before and we now, will lay hands on the sick & He will Heal instantly, what I see, is a Great Power Of His Holy Presence, that all they will have to do is walk thru His Holy Presence & be healed,delivered,set free ,made whole in Christ Jesus by His Spirit ...this is a new thing God is doing today,healing the body of Christ, instantly!!!God also said, He will now use the children all around the world. He is filling them with His Spirit now, and they will go forth ,preaching,testifying of our Lord & prophesying His Word to all, everywhere.........God said, we will soon see this come about.God also said, He is filling His house with lots of people, now, they will feel a great attraction to the church buildings everywhere...He is drawing all to come unto Him now & to know Him & be saved.........God takes no pleasure in any soul that perishes in maybe in reading this will feel the awesome power of God on your soul to go to church & to walk with Him through Jesus Christ .........Jesus did ,by His death & resurrection, reconcile us back unto the Father..........God said, of His own children....everywhere we go now, they will see Him in us & they will hear Him in our voice & feel Him in our touch...........they will be attracted to the Holy Spirit of God in us....Now is that time ,says the Lord.God is saying He loves you ,and He wants that you come to Him through Jesus Christ & His precious shed Blood for you ; I say; come home, sinners.........come home........your place is in Christ Jesus ,doing the will of the father, God Almighty..(not to serve sin & the devil(see 1John3:6-10).......if you need to talk about any of this, please feel free to contact me. Above all, go to church, get involved in the Body of Christ!!!I strongly suggest Assembly of God Churches, as they preach God's Word ,they are a Holy Bible centered Church, a Christ centered Church & Holy Spirit filled church....they have awesome programs for all ages..........Prayer is what is going to sustain us cannot make it without God, I tell you from my heart..........Jesus is the AnswerContact me Joanlady777@Yahoo.comor
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